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Mining Pool


Detailed introduction

Announcement: The official Chia-APool mining pool has just been established, and the internal beta is officially opened

The official Chia-APool mining pool has officially opened internal testing and is accumulating computing power. Contribution points can be accumulated by mining now. After each block is broken, the account is divided according to the contribution point, and the block is cleared and re-accumulated.

No need for mnemonic words, no need to bind signatures, no threshold for cash withdrawal, account for burst blocks immediately, zero service fee for mining, multiple mining is allowed

Reject false hashrate, zero tolerance for false hashrate

APool one-click multi-mining pool integrated version has been officially launched, no need to install multiple altcoin wallets, no need to wait for synchronization, one-click multiplexing chia graph mining XCH, NCH, Spare, Flax, silicoin, hddcoin will add other popular in the future Coin mining pool, come dig it~, it can also be downloaded in the qq group and WeChat group that are not accessible by github

The wallet cannot be connected or started, please backup the data and delete the .chia configuration folder, and then reinstall the operation steps: 1. Enter the directory C:\Users\your username\.chia\mainnet 2. Back up the db and wallet folders ( The config directory can also be backed up, if you don’t want to re-add the path) 3. Delete the C:\Users\your username\.chia folder 4. Reinstall version 1.2 5. Close the client that starts automatically after installation 6. Change db and The wallet folder is restored and overwritten. 7. It can be opened normally without resynchronization after restarting.

Current active miners: 847 Current online total computing power: 34.31 Pib Current total contribution points: 24866064