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Detailed introduction

We have many kinds of node wallets, lightweight wallets, web wallets, hardware wallets, etc. These wallets are all based on the same environment. For example, the wallet must be installed on the computer or phone. The wallet must be connected to the host, and the service must be built into the wallet before it can be used. It’s like using ATM with a card, even if using nfc wireless scanning, you also have to provide connection information. So, is it possible to input a few numbers and directly use the Internet peer-to-peer services?

Yes, this is what blockchain should do: no registration, no login and no download. We can make it possiable for all kinds of internet services. This is the real Internet.

We need kevacoin, a blockchain forked from bitcoin and litecoin.

Kevacoin is a key-value mode blockchain. Anyone can create their own database space on the chain and send/recieve data, just like game archives. It supports any format contents, like a world archive. By declaring their ip on the chain, all nodes using kevacoin will immediately synchronize the user’s ip statement, so that any Internet service can read the user’s ip address on the kevacoin chain, allowing the them to use the service, and the registration is no longer required.