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Detailed introduction

ChiaStatus focuses on giving you a quick overview of the current state of Chia Network’s Blockchain. That’s the Dashboard.

It also gives you the opportunity to dive deeper and search for any blocks or addresses that exist in Chia’s blockchain. Therefore it can also be called a blockchain explorer for Chia.

ChiaStatus is developed & operated on its own and not affiliated with Chia Network™. Any funds generated (mainly via advertisement) go into the maintenance & development of ChiaStatus.

All data shown is provided without warranty. ChiaStatus strives to always show 100% correct & verified data taken directly from the Chia Blockchain.

ChiaStatus is still early in development. Please expect regular changes. I’m also active in the official Chia Keybase group as @mbeierling. Feel free to reach out with your feedback, or simply to chat about Chia ?